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"The West Coast has the Sunshine" goes the famous beach boys song, and the same often applies in the summer to South African west coast towns like Yzerfontein. The town is an unspoilt fishing villlage which typifies the natural beauty and simplicity of the area. The town is laid out around a rocky cape and harbour. Yzerfontein is best known for its tranquility, west coast hospitality, sixteen mile beach, spring flowers and breathtaking views.

The best time to visit is in the Spring (September to November), as not only do you have the opportunity to see the fields of flowers blooming, but the southern right whales are visiting at that time (yes, it's not just Hermanus that they go to!), and the temperature isn't too hot or too cold. Unless you've specifically timed your visit for the school holidays, it's also likely that it wont be too busy, allowing easy access to restaurants and having more of the beach to yourself. The Whale Tale Cafe nearby is highly recommended for divine cakes.

The village is situated about an hour's drive north from Cape Town, just off the R27 Regional Road, next to the West Coast National Park (see detailed directions & options for travelling to Yzerfontein)

As can be surmised from the above photo, the town is extremely popular with holiday-makers, and with many Capetonians regularly taking advantage of its close proximity for relaxing weekend breakaways, or a romantic time with a special partner.

South Africa's west coast is washed by the Benguela current which originates in the Antarctic, and thus the sea water is very chilly. So, you need to be able to withstand the cold to enjoy a swim. Most people opt for long walks on its very long beach, enjoying the feel of the water running over their feet. There are usually a few surfers (with wetsuits on) taking advantage of the waves.

Like Cape Town there is a bit of a south-easter blowing during summer, but being a bit further north than the Mother City, it is not quite as harsh. And speaking of Cape Town, if you drive to one of the high points of the village, on a clear day you should be able to see Table Mountain in the distance. And since you're so high up, you'll easily be able to see Dassen Island in the distance.

If you're tiring of Yzerfontein during you visit, then go explore nearby Darling, or Khwa Ttu San cultural centre.