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Jetty in Yzerfontein

During the time that Yzerfontein was used as a whaling station, a jetty was built on the left side of the Yzerfontein Bay as you face west at right angles to the coastline.

It is still there today but has lost a bit of its length due to some severe storms it has been faced with over the years. The jetty is built at right angles to the waves and takes the full force of the sea. If there is a large swell running, waves break over the jetty and it is extremely dangerous to venture onto it.

It was built of large cement blocks which were placed at odd angles on top of each other. Some of the blocks have been washed off during storms.

Yzerfontein's Jetty

Today this jetty is only used for fishing. Over the years crayfish have made their homes in the cracks between the blocks and people spend hours fishing for them. It is time well spent as the crayfish that come out from under the jetty are often quite large.