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Lime kilns in Yzerfontein

Two white round lime kilns can be seen next to the R315. When approaching Yzerfontein from the R27 (west coast road) side of the R315, (about 5km outside Yzerfontein), the first lime kiln can be seen on your left-hand side and the second on your right-hand side.

The kilns are the only two remaining in South Africa and were declared national monuments in 1980, with each bearing a bronze plaque signifying this fact. The kilns are stacked with mussel shells and wood. The lime kilns lie on the farms De la Rey and Jacobskraal (but are easily accessible from the road).

Lime Kiln near Yzerfontein

A fire would be kindled in the lower compartment of the kiln, while the shells would be placed on branches resting on the grid. Air would be forced through the oven by billows. Quicklime would be collected from the pit below the kiln. The quicklime was used to white wash the walls of houses or as a cement between bricks. .

The national monument emblem on the lime kiln National Monument

These lime kilns were built in the 1940s by Mr B Killa, a Milnerton building material merchant, and made use of the large amounts of black mussel shells washing up on Yzerfontein's beach.