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Darling's attractions
Wild flowers

Darling's biggest attraction are the wild flowers which pop up in the spring (in the rest of the year the veld is dominated by a few perennial shrubs). There are more than 1000 varieties of flowering plants in the spring. There are a number of reserves where the flowers can be viewed:

Harold Versfeld private reserve
(about 10km outside Darling on the farm Contreberg)

Oudepost private reserve
(contains the biggest orchard nursery in South Africa)

Tienie Versfeld reserve
(20ha of Sandveld donated to the National Botanical Society of South Africa. It is open throughout the year but most popular in Spring. The reserve is known for its bulbous plants)

Waylands private reserve

Parts of the private reserves are opened to the public in Spring. Be sure to wear enough insect repellent when walking in the veld!

Darling's Wild Flower Show has been held the third week in September since 1917 (a Ms DJ Malan and a Mr Duckitt set the groundwork for the show in 1915). At the same time an Orchid show is presented. Travellers come from far afield to see the displays of wild flowers and orchids, to eat traditional foods and enjoy tractor rides in the fields. The show is held at the sports club.

Evita se Perron

Peter Dirk Uys (alias Evita Bezuidenhout) - South Africa’s favourite auntie & most renowned drag artist and satirist - lives in Darling. His (her?) theatre, Evita se Perron, offers first class cabaret, comedy and music on the weekends. See www.evita.co.za for details of current shows. The address is: Evita se Perron, PO Box 175, Darling Station, Darling 7345, South Africa. Tel: (022) 492 2831/51, Fax: (022) 492 2831, email bookings@evita.co.za

Evita se PerronEvita se Perron
photo courtesy of www.frozenmotion.typepad.com

Nature reserves
Hildebrand Monument

+27 (0) 22 492-3361
The monument is 6km to the north of Darling on the farm Kraalbosdam.

Darling Museum

+27 (0) 22 492-3361
The Darling museum is in Pastorie Street and is housed in the old city hall (built in 1899).

Butter Museum

The butter museum forms part of the Darling museum, and traces the history of the dairy industry (Darling butter was on shop shelves under the 1950s when a new butter factory was built in Paarden Eisland).

Signal Cannon

In 1734 the cannon was mounted for the first time on Klipberg, and while it was used to warn burghers of danger or to summon them to town; its main function was to notify farmers in the region of the arrival of ships visiting the Cape, thus enabling them to take their produce to Cape Town for sale. The cannon now stands in front of the municipal offices.

Chelsea On 34 (an art gallery)

+27 (0) 22 492-3745

Victorian Architecture


basket factory


tennis and bowls


community's annual Passion Play


the "wild" 9-hole course

+27 (0) 22 492-3013
+27 (0) 22 492-2684

Elsie Balt Child Art Gallery

Equestrian day

Annually on the 10th October there is an equestrian day. The event dates back to 1927 and is well attended.